How well do you know Central Florida?

Central Florida is home to a consderable number of entertainment themed locations and industries. How well do you know them?

Walt Disney World Resort is located in which city in Central Florida?
Which of these is NOT a theme park in the Orlando area?
The Blue Man Group has a long-standing performance at which Orlando resort?
Which of these is NOT a freshwater spring where you can swim with manatees?
Which famous boy band originated from Orlando, Florida?
What is the state reptile of Florida, often spotted in freshwater lakes and rivers in Central Florida?
Which annual event celebrates the art, music, and culture of Central Florida?
Lake Eola Park, known for its beautiful swan boats, is located in the heart of which city?
Which attraction in Central Florida is known for its expansive collection of art, gardens, and architecture?
In which Central Florida city would you find the historic district known as "Ybor City"?
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